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10 Reasons to #ChooseTulsa


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Why Our Corps Members & Alumni #ChooseTulsa

Alvin Okonkwo (Greater Tulsa '12)

In Tulsa, everyone’s accessible -- if you have a vision, you can find people to support it.

Megan Cox (Greater Tulsa ‘12)

I love living in Tulsa because it is an amazing area to raise a family and has incredible leadership opportunities.

Liz Beard (Greater Tulsa ‘14)

I love all the people I've met and the things there are to do! There's stuff for everyone and the people have hearts of gold!

Students Need Leaders Like You


What You Need to Know


Salary ranges from $33,000 - $35,000




  • The University of Tulsa 
  • University of Oklahoma 
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Johns Hopkins University (online)


Two years

Becoming Certified to Teach

  • Overview
  • How is teaching certification structured in this region?
  • Is it possible to complete a master's degree at the end of the two years?
  • Is a Master's degree required?
  • What universities do you partner with?

To become certified to teach in Oklahoma, you must pass your licensing exams and complete your two years of development with TFA. It is your responsibility to pay for these exams as well as to prepare enough to pass them.

To be ready for your first day in the classroom, you must have the following completed:

  1. Turn in degree-conferred transcripts to TFA and district partners
  2. Complete proper paperwork with the Oklahoma State Department of Education
  3. Pass content-specific certification tests

You will teach with an Oklahoma teaching license until all of the certification requirements are complete during their two-year commitment. After your two year commitment, you can receive your five-year, renewable certificate through the State of Oklahoma. You will need to complete a brief request to the Oklahoma State Department of Education and submit a $50 processing fee to obtain this certificate.

You can earn your certification in two years. You must pass content-specific tests (Praxis II or OSAT) and complete all Teach For America expectations and programming to earn your teaching certificate.


You can enroll in a graduate program after your first year of teaching. Programs can be completed in two years.



We have excellent graduate degree partnerships with several universities -- both local and online. Please check the list below:

Local Programs

University of Oklahoma - Tulsa

  • Part-time programs focused on school leadership, social work, or policy
  • Most programs are George Kaiser Family Foundation Loan Program eligible
  • Programs include the following:
    • Educational Administration & Curriculum Supervision
    • Public Administration
    • Social Work
    • Human Relations
    • Organizational Dynamics

University of Tulsa

  • Master’s program in Education and Business Administration
  • Two-thirds discount on master’s programs

Oklahoma State University

  • Programs include the following:
    • Teaching
    • Educational Leadership
    • Counseling
    • Psychology
  • Teachers in the Tulsa area seeking their Master’s in Education or related studies are eligible for a $750/semester tuition waiver

Online Programs

University of Oklahoma

  • Master’s in 21st Century Teaching
  • Focuses on skills for innovative classrooms

Johns Hopkins University

  • Master’s in Educational Studies
  • Aligned to the Teaching As Leadership framework that TFA uses in its training and coaching

Placement School Locations

Subjects And Grade Levels

  • Math
  • Science
  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary
  • English Language Arts
  • Bilingual Education
  • Special Education 

Alumni Spotlights


Get to know Caroline and Chelsea! Learn why they joined TFA, their favorite memories from their time in the corps, and how their experience has impacted their lives.


Greater Tulsa 2011
Law Student University of Tulsa College of Law
Greater Tulsa 2009
Founder & Head of School College Bound Academy

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